Right now we’re working on all new materials and an improved scheduling system using Navigate (which is in beta). So for now, to make an appointment, contact us at CityTechWritingCenter@gmail.com.

The Writing Center is here to give CityTech students the writing help they need, whether it’s for an academic essay or project, for applications for a scholarship or job, or simply to get better at writing.

For students, we offer:

    1. one-on-one tutoring either live or by email or using Google Docs. 
    2. specialized reading/writing workshops on topics like how to do revision well, how to get started when you’re stuck, and how to keep a reader engaged. We even have group Productivity Sessions that work a bit like a study hall — come check in with one of our tutors for quick advice, then spend time working alone or with other people on an assignment… all with a tutor there to help with questions.
    3. a host of online resources for reading and understanding assignments, drafting papers, focusing on writing issues like gender-inclusive language, revising, and proofreading — check out the links under Resources.

For faculty:

If you’d like to schedule a class visit by one of our tutors, email us at jbut@citytech.cuny.edu

We look forward to hearing from you!


Photo credit: Renata Gomes