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Tutoring: Go to the booking site to make an appointment and start your semester with collaborators! We are closed for Thanksgiving from Wed-Sun. We stop tutoring for winter break on Dec. 20.

Directions to our center in G-608

International Mother Language Day 2023

As spaces dedicated to language, African American Studies, Humanities, and the Writing Center look forward to celebrating International Mother Language Day on Wednesday, Feb. 21st from 12:30pm-2:30pm in L-632. 

This day marks the importance of multilingual education and the value of  bringing more languages into public life. We will have a line-up of performances/readings in many languages  by students, faculty, and staff as well as time for inspired attendees to share if they are inspired. By celebrating our mother tongues, we contribute to building inclusive knowledge societies and preserving cultural heritage that might otherwise be lost. At City Tech, we are so rich in this linguistic knowledge–this event is a platform for us to express it. 

We’re available for in-person as well as online appointments

Important!!! We know things can happen at the last minute, and we’re happy to take walk-ins. But we can’t always guarantee there will be a tutor available.

That means... the best thing to do is to make an appointment using WCOnline. We have tutors working both in person and online, so you don’t always have to be on campus to have an appointment.

To book a session with a tutor, first visit our new booking site: https://citytech.mywconline.com/. Because it is a new site, you will need to register to make appointments. For directions on how to register, please see the images below. As usual, our appointments will last for 45 minutes even though the booking is for one hour—this gives tutors a bit of time to do paperwork and prepare for the next writer. 

If you want to learn more about our tutors, please visit here.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email to WritingCenter@citytech.cuny.edu.