I am planning to use the letter model due to the fact the audience I wish to reach is smaller. Letters are generally more personal than speeches are and since my target audience is relatively small, I believe a letter is more fitting. There are some benefits to the idea of a speech, such as convincing more people to speak up about the problem, however there is no real need to address a broader audience. I also believe this genre can help me more because I can show some of the flaws of communication tools on a letter since letters lack nonverbal communication. If I were to do a speech, some of the flaws would not be so obvious.

The main point of my argument is technological communication tools have some flaws in effective communication due to the lack of nonverbal communication, which is as equally important as verbal communication. I will make my argument by providing examples of how the absence of nonverbal communication can cause a message to be misinterpreted. I would provide some of my personal experience with this problem in my discourse community. I would also show some of the research of technical barriers to effective communication. I would point out how some developers of communication tools have created solutions to some of the problems, but express how the problems I wish to discuss still linger. I would also try to offer a solution by suggesting developers to add in some sort of virtual interactive board which anyone can draw on. It allows a person to show exactly what needs to be done on certain projects and it can also allow another person to ask questions on certain aspects of the problem and clearing up any confusion by being able to point them out.