1. One core value that I value greatly in life is working hard to create a promising future for my future family. Family is one of the main things I love in life, and providing a good life for my family will be a great goal to accomplish. While growing up, my father had a few different jobs and mostly struggled with money. He worked long, exhausting hours with little pay. My mother is also a stay at home hard-working mother. Watching my parents work so hard to provide a good and comfortable life for my sisters and me is my biggest inspiration to my core value. To sum it up, my core value is to become a dentist to provide for my parents and future family. To have comfortable working hours to see my family and not have work take up my life. 
  1. This core value of mine relates to my goals for the future tremendously. By gaining knowledge in my school years, I thrive to become a successful dentist. Becoming a dentist will help me exceed my goal of taking care of my parents because of the comfortable pay and that they’ll never have to worry about working long, exhausting hours for my sisters and me. Having comfortable working hours will also allow me to spend time with them where I won’t have my job take up my whole day. Seeking knowledge is also very important because the more knowledgeable I am, the more I can help others. Being a dentist and helping people with their oral health, knowing how important it is to care for them. 
  1. Firstly, improving my communication skills will help me become a dentist because, daily, I will be communicating with patients. I must know how to properly communicate with my patients to feel comfortable with me as their doctor. I may have patients who don’t learn much English, shy patients, and even children who don’t know the right words. Doctors must do lots of communication with patients and co-workers. Improving my writing skills will help me achieve my goals by having those skills just in case I need to write any kind of report; I’ll know the proper way of writing.  Having excellent writing skills also means excellent reading skills. Having great reading skills is beneficial because, in dental school, there’s lots of information needed to be read. So having good reading skills will help me learn better.