My biggest core values are honesty and individuality. I think in a world where so much exaggeration and distortion are made possible by the advent of modern technology and local bureaucracy, it is increasingly become more difficult to remain true to your own opinions and thoughts. Often I feel like there is an agenda pushed onto my generation ever present in the highly curated culture that corresponds to our time.

Generation after generation, our morals have shifted drastically. This tells me what is right today may be wrong tomorrow. What is wrong today may be right tomorrow. Knowing that our ideas of good and bad aren’t universally concrete perpetually throughout space and time is really scary if you think about it. What’s worse is if we challenge the contemporary set of morals we are crucified for it and labeled a bigot or reprimanded for our “intolerance”. As individuals we should not have to face repercussions if we choose not to align our idea of good and bad with the rest of society. As individuals we should remain left to our devices to determine good from bad without any external influence.

Sadly that is not the case and hence why so many of us feel pressure to mold our beliefs and mannerisms for the advancement of our political, professional, or social lives. My biggest value is refusing to sell my soul in exchange for social acceptance.