1. Everyone has their own definition about what core values mean and what it simply means to them, but what are core value? Core Value are the principal perspectives that guide a person or organization’s behavior with others. One of my main core value that I go by each and every day is respect. Respect a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. What does the importance of this value in my life say about me? You may ask, well respect runs deep and goes a long way in life if you show respect and kindness to others you will receive it right back. As I get older and I think about my future career I believe having tons of respect in the business world and towards my clients will build a comfortable relationship between me and them and simply have a generally good understanding of each other.

2. This value relates to my goals for the future because going out into the world isn’t especially as a woman. For centuries women always had a hard time being taken seriously, as a future business woman I want to feel like I’m meant to be here and feel incorporated into discussions and pitches, not an outsider. In order to receive certain advantages, you have to showcase respect to everyone you come in contact with. 

3. Improving my writing and communication skills will help me achieve these goals because having clear thoughts in your writing shows readers or other individuals your purpose in your writing and the meaning behind your writing. Also improving my communication skills helps me feel more comfortable when speaking to others and it also helps build my confidence in my work skills