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Author: Malia

Discussion 2

Framing is important because what you choose to include in your shot changes the entire photo. If you place a person in the center, people will believe them to be the focus. But if you place a person off to …

Discussion 3

Bresson’s ideas on how compositional elements can come together in a decisive moment are through conscious yet very free and natural photo taking. Throughout the video Bresson talks in a really easy going way about the emotional photos that he …

Discussion 1

Discussion 1 : Finding your voice

  1. Dawoud Bey approaches the idea of using photography as a way of finding his voice by taking photographs in a way that shows viewers what is not seen. Bey describes that due to his

Discussion 4

This is the first motion blur photo I chose as a favorite. I like it because his face is completely in focus, which sort of provides a contrast to the rest of the photo. I also chose it because the …