Framing is important because what you choose to include in your shot changes the entire photo. If you place a person in the center, people will believe them to be the focus. But if you place a person off to the side with a body of water taking up most of the space, it changes people’s perception. They may think of the person as a spectator rather than the main focus. Joel Meyerowitz said “my interest all along has not been in identifying a singular thing, but in photographing the relationship between things. The unspoken relationship…” This was really interesting because I often find myself trying to photograph one thing and keep other things out. But when you think about it like that, using his example in which he talked about a man doing something and a woman walking a poodle, they’re unrelated but happening in the same place at the same time. The special thing about photography is being able to tell both stories in one frame, though the people themselves are not perceiving it that way. This changed my perspective on the way I take photos. While still being deliberate and selective in what you include in the frame, it doesn’t have to be in a fixed one subject kind of way of thinking.