Bresson’s ideas on how compositional elements can come together in a decisive moment are through conscious yet very free and natural photo taking. Throughout the video Bresson talks in a really easy going way about the emotional photos that he took. He describes not interrupting life but instead letting it flow and being quick about capturing the photo once everything aligns. I like these ideas because a lot of times when I think of getting a good picture I think about positioning the shot perfectly, getting models to pose in a certain way, etc but Bresson challenges that idea. Instead we should simply spectate and simply take photos. One thing that was really interesting was how Bresson describes the joys of geometry when taking photos. Geometry, or shapes are one compositional element he talks about. He says they create a rhythm and a flow. The photo shown as he talks about this has a couple rectangular buildings, one casts a triangular shadow, and something else casts a circular shadow. Then there are two boys standing opposite each other, one big, and one small barely in the frame. I think Bessner is showing how geometry helps make a photo more dynamic. All these different elements interact to tell a story.