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Lab 13

For the photo on the left my goal was to create hearts surrounding Dayana. They didn’t come out as good, nor as bad as I expected. My concept for the photo on the right was to create some sort of …

Lab 13

The concept for this photo was to create an illusion of waves in the background; The blue lights are supposed to represent the water.
The concept for this photo is scrambled thoughts. This can be perceived by viewers as the

LAB 13

the concept i was going for was using complimentary colors. The photo on the left i tired to represent as a sort of whirlpool using red and green. For the image on the right, even though the subject is dark, …

Light lab

This was supposed to be a box made of different colors but it failed, and it still looked pretty well made.
I made a box of light around my friend and he was making different faces and there are 3
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