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Final Critique Omar SB

I like rishon’s photo because I love the way the lights and dark are in it and the picture looks cinematic. Also has a magazine feel to it.

Kenneth’s photo i like as well because of how much perspective is …

Final Critique

I really enjoy the composition of Bashar’s overall photograph and how it’s captured at a low-angle. The vibrant blue colors between the sky and the rope that the girl is balancing herself on stands out. I love the different geometric

Final Critique

I really like the color scheme in this photograph taken by Rishon. The repetition of lines gives the photo a boxy effect, creating a nice structure to the composition overall. The shadows and contrast give the photograph lots …

Final Critique – Dayana

Rishon Cole

I like that in this one Rishon decided to go for a kind of high angle because it really helps demonstrate that figure-background relationship, giving the girl half of the frame including a corner, and then showing the …

Final Critique (eddy)

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