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Final Critique Omar SB

I like rishon’s photo because I love the way the lights and dark are in it and the picture looks cinematic. Also has a magazine feel to it.

Kenneth’s photo i like as well because of how much perspective is …

Final Critique

I really enjoy the composition of Bashar’s overall photograph and how it’s captured at a low-angle. The vibrant blue colors between the sky and the rope that the girl is balancing herself on stands out. I love the different geometric

Final Critique

I really like the color scheme in this photograph taken by Rishon. The repetition of lines gives the photo a boxy effect, creating a nice structure to the composition overall. The shadows and contrast give the photograph lots …

Photo Essay

Phillip Lorca diCorcia is a renowned photographer whose works are known for their emotive qualities, especially his ability to capture the essence of his subjects through the use of lighting and composition. Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1951, he began …

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