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Discussion 4

I chose these two photos from Adrika and Alice. In my opinion, they’re both very dynamic in their composition. The stillness of the subject in each photo with the busyness of the background creates lots of …

Homework 10

I chose this one because I like the blurriness and the way the light is in the picture.

I like the the shadow the blinds cast, and I think the reflection in the mirror is cool…

Photo Essay

Phillip Lorca diCorcia is a renowned photographer whose works are known for their emotive qualities, especially his ability to capture the essence of his subjects through the use of lighting and composition. Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1951, he began …

Discussion 4

Adrika Hoque

I really like Adrika because I like the contrast between the still figure and the blurring. I also like how the moving scarfs (i’m assuming) add dimension/depth to the photo.

Kenneth Acosta

I really like Kenneth’s freeze motion …

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