I look forward to working with all of you this semester to make some interesting and meaningful pictures. I hope that we will all have fun and learn to be better photographers.

Class meetings will be in-person in V111.

We will use these digital tools:

  • OpenLab-Course information, course content, and assignments will be on OpenLab. You will use Openlab to submit discussions, quizzes, and comments on your classmates work. Grades will be posted on Open Lab. Please join this course. Instructions below. You need a CityTech email address to join open lab
  • Flickr-Photo homework and classwork will be submitted via Flickr. You will need a Flickr account. Please join the class group. You should have received an invitation to join. If not search for ThursdaySpring23Photo or use https://www.flickr.com/groups/14875303@N22/ and join. I kept the group public to make it easier to join. Once everyone has joined , I’ll make it private

  • For each homework assignment, upload your work to Flickr and organize it in an album. Send your best work to the class group to participate in the class critiques.

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