Blending wines and made Cabernet Franc Verdot

My 2nd visit to Red Hook winery was amazing. That day we all blended different types of red and white wine based on our food. Wine blending is the art of mixing wines of different grape varieties, or wines released in different years. It seeks to produce a wine that has superior flavor and balance to its base ingredients. Wine blending began thousands of years ago. At that time, the purpose of mixed vineyards was for natural disasters and most significantly for a successful harvest. The blend has provided winemakers with more consistent yields and wines, with unpredictable weather patterns making the ripening of red grapes more difficult. At red hook winery, we tasted Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Merlot. For Petit Verdot and Merlot grapes, they use cultural yeast and oak. I blended cabernet franc 66% and Petit Verdot 34%. Cabernet franc is high in acidity, heavy tearing, and floral aromas so, it will pair well with my chimichuri skirt steak cause it will cut the fattiness of the meat and Petit Verdot has floral and spice aromas which go well with chimichuri sauce because it has lots of herbs and spices. My final blend of wine turned out the way I want and fulfilled my expectation. I keep more ratio of cabernet franc because of its high acidity which will mix well with petit Verdot cause of its floral aroma. I was expecting I have to make wine from scratch that was my expectation but when I reached there I see the wine is already made and I need to blend it. I feel like if I made wine from scratch I could gather more knowledge which will help me a lot in the future.

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