11/12 Update on the Leap Motion – Blender Package a.k.a. “IT’S ALIIIIIVVVEEEE!!!”

Remy, Ishik, Xuemin


So we’ve given up on trying to make Blender, Linux, and SWIG all work happily together; we just have the user input their password into the file to put it in/usr/lib. This works and we’re backing off. We now have a fully functioning conda package that can build on Ubuntu. YAY!!!

But not from Mac OS X, of course. That we’re still testing as I type.

We first encountered issues with the naming of the anaconda directory in the build.sh bash script, so we renamed all of the corresponding links in the script ‘anaconda’ (we removed the 3 at the end).

Upon fixing that, the next issue we encountered was an “ld: warning” that was about the fact that the build was not formatted for an x86_64 python architecture. We realized that what needs to be added is the environment variable “OSX_ARCH” into the build process, and setting it to “x86_64”, but we don’t know where or how to do this exactly. We’ll have to figure it out next time!



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