Sensor Tiles Project: Unity Team: Frank & Dwayne – Moving Assets Between Blender and Unity Interchangeably

For today, we conducted further research into the extent that one program is able to move assests into another. We focused primarily on moving objects, animations, artwork from Blender into Unity and how much Unity will accept of Blender’s features (i.e. shapes, colors, vectors, keyframes, meshes, etc.).

Thus far, we have found this very helpful tutorial by Blender ‘s website which teaches you how to create an object, move it into Unity, how much Unity accepts from Blender and how you move the asset back into Blender.

Here is the video:

Animated Door Created For Unity 3D

Our next step is to collaborate with Walle and conduct research into how we can how we can fully utilize Unity’s playback, animation and Game related features.

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