Symlinks and Linux

To do: Make it symlink to hierarchical script folders in order of difficulty (hard link on Windows)

make a status print “By the magick of Conda!”

make sure it uninstalls and reinstalls properly

make sure that it’s compatible across platforms

after this is all done properly, work with something that compiles (Leap Motion library)

Remy, Xuemin, (for the last 10 minutes) Gabby

Symlinking was the easy part. We were going to use a hard link, but this only works for files, so we used a junction instead which serves identically, except for folders (so Microsoft says here) I’m assuming that what we want on Linux and Mac OS X is also a symlink, from past experience(, but I’m just going to jynx myself here and leave a note for when everything is on fire and the world is crumbling: Maybe symlinks aren’t the right solution) and so we now have symlinking commands for Linux and OS X! Yet to be tested. Soon.

Apparently Conda on Linux requires patchelf to be installed for building packages

Ok so making symlinks in Linux is really annoying. We tried a similar approach as we did in Windows, using relative paths. However this creates a broken link. So far we’re finding that the only way to make a link is to use absolute paths. We need to find a way around this because not everyone has Conda installed to their home folder.

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