Losing battle. Wamp-wamp-waaamp

Keep in mind: building custom versions of blender to use different installs of Conda/Python. Get stackless working?

Run Blender in Python mode (run the Python that Blender comes with) to make installing scripts and Conda stuff to the Local Directory easier.

Now the day begins:

Gabby, Remy, Xuemin

So we’ve been working on changing the build directory. This has been partially successful, and partially redundant. We tried changing the environment variables CONDA_BLD_PATH, PREFIX, and PATH, as specified in the documentation here and there respectively. Changing these variables in the batch script does not affect where Conda builds stuff to, and we do see them in the command line output as having been changed to our settings.

So in accordance with the config file page we modified conda-build in the .condarc just for a proof of concept in changing the build directory. This worked, however we found that no matter what you change your build directory to you get 5 folders and one file; broken, src_cache, test-tmp_dir, win-64, work, and prefix_files.txt.

All that we actually need which would go into the Blender Scripts directory is in a folder within the work folder of those previously mentioned 5. We have yet to find a way to isolate the output going into that specific folder, as changing the build directory brings all of the others with it.

So for today we are defeated. Building and then copying works for what we’re trying to do.

Yes this really did take us all day to figure out. :<

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