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Photography with light

This is a photograph of photography with light. It was taken in the dark, we had a strobe light on the left side to take a photo of the subjects, then we had 8 seconds with the aperture open to … Continue reading

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motion blur + frozen motion photographs

This photograph is a great example of motion blur. its looks visually interesting because one subject seems to be meditating or praying while there are 2 other subjects spinning on a chain and the camera caught the motion with a … Continue reading

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Mood Portrait lighting

This photograph is taken to express a serious mood and it was taken in a side light and split light with a reflector. We had a black background which made the subject (me) pop off the foreground.My face is at … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting (short light)

This is really good example of portrait Lighting. This photograph was taken at eye level as the subject was sitting. This photograph s great due to the lighting. This was taken at an angle between short light and a split … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

This photograph was taken in the classroom. The photo was a medium shot and the outcome is amazing. The photograph is actually underexposed and the background is actually white but it came out very dark which made the subject come … Continue reading

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Review on Aperture Foundation: alex webb show

The Aperture exhibit (4th Floor, 547 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001) is a very nice exhibit that showcases photography and its importance. The exhibit is located on the fourth floor and there are many pictures on the wall. … Continue reading

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Brooklyn bridge Low angle

I think this is a beatiful successful Low angle shot.I think it works well because of the way it was taken. This shot was taken from an unusual point of view which is why I thought it was mostly interesting … Continue reading

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Composition and camera angle: Symmetry

This photograph was taken by me when I worked with my partner and this visually interesting photograph was taken at a low-angle and it is supposed to reflect symmetry. I like it because it is visually appealing to me. You … Continue reading

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Photo Description of Michael Kenna – Brooklyn Bridge USA This Photograph is called Brooklyn Bridge, Study 3, New York City, USA, 2006 taken by the photographer MICHAEL KENNA. This photograph was taken in 2006 in New York in Kennas studies of New York. The intentions of the photographer … Continue reading

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What makes a Great Photograph

A great photograph to me is subjective to someones liking. How ever a great photograph to me is when the photo have good quality and is not pixelated. The photograph should convey meaning. A great photograph should connect with someone on … Continue reading

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