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There were a lot of good shots from today, but I liked this one more because it was an attempt at the disney channel sign. Growing up, I watched disney channel and before a show would start, a celebrity would … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed and Capturing Motion

From today’s shoot,Ā I found this photo interesting. It captures motion blur very well. In this shot, we were joggingĀ up towards the camera. What I like about thisĀ photo is that it shows me coming closer and closer. This was shot with … Continue reading

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In-Class Shoot // Portrait Mood Lighting

From the in-class shoot, I found this photo interesting. The station in which this photo was shot at was the glamour or butterfly lighting-front light. I like how the subject (Jesus) fills the frame perfectly, the calm feeling this photo … Continue reading

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In-Class Shoot // Portrait Lighting

I found this photo interesting. In this shot, we used short lighting. The main light is on the side of the face with the features. The overall composition gives this ominous feel to it, half of my face is dark … Continue reading

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Flower Shoot // Lighting Direction

This photo was taken during our in-class shoot. Our group didn’t get to use the softbox focusing grid, so instead we used a continuous lighting. The lighting direction used during this particular shot was side light. Also, because our subject … Continue reading

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Aperture Foundation // Alex Webb: La Calle

The Aperture Foundation, located on West 27th Street in the Chelsea area. Currently, theĀ exhibition displayed is Alex Webb: La Calle,Ā Photographs from Mexico. TheĀ exhibit is located on the 4th floor. When you walk out of the elevatorĀ ontoĀ the 4th floor, the first … Continue reading

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Best Photo: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Honestly, it was pretty difficult choosing my best photo from our class trip to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Out of the 160 photos I took that day, this photo stood out to me the most. This photo was taken while … Continue reading

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In-Class Chair Shoot

To form a curved line composition, we placed the chair on its side and shot from the bottom of the chair to capture its circular base. What makes this photo engaging and visually appealing would have to be the different … Continue reading

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Thomas Holton- The Lams of Ludlow Street

After looking through countless photos from each of the photographers listed, a photograph from Thomas Holton’s album, “The Lams of Ludlow Street” spoke to me personally. Through a series of photographs, “The Lams of Ludlow Street” takes you into the … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph?

There isn’t just one particular thing that makes a great photograph, there are many different dimensions and aspects to take into consideration. A great photograph does not have to be perfectly sound in terms of rules and composition to be … Continue reading

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