Final Presentations

Wed. May 18, 2016

  1. Modern_trend v5
  2. Kenneth The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Design Final
  3. Food waste POWERPOINT
  4. How to Create Sustainable Living for Nonhomeowners
  5. Kenneth The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Design Final
  6. Sustainable Solar Energy Or and Kwang
  7. Environmental Economics Presentation
  8. Smart Grid 2

Wed. May 25, 2016

  1. City Communication Systems for going green
  2. Oysters and Water pollution
  3. con ed
  4. Copper_Highline_PPFinal 5_25
  5. Rooftop Urban Farm, Alejandra Anchaluisa Env. Eco. PP, May 25(1)
  6. The Impact of Construction on the Environment_Elliotraskin
  7. Urban Farming Final PP
  8. Utility Free Sustainable Homes
  9. Culinary Tourism is a Sustainable Form of Tourism
  10. Utility Free Sustainable Homes

The final presentation schedule which was distributed in class on Wednesday is posted again here. Please see reminders to arrive on time, bring final drafts of research summary and annotated bibliography on the day you are scheduled to present, and to attend both classes to receive full credit for your presentation.

Presentation Schedule_Wed

A copy of the guidelines for organizing the final presentation is included here. This was also distributed in class.

Guidelines for Presentations



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