2 thoughts on “Indoor farm in Brooklyn warehouse

  1. Alejandra Anchaluisa

    We see that urban agriculture is the obtaining of fresh food. By having immediate access to crops, those living in cities increase their food security because we do not depend only on the raw materials coming from the fields. Another benefit is that urban agriculture reduces energy use and, therefore, contributes to minimize contamination. Not having to move food from other areas, clean vehicles are mobilized at the given load.

    The creation of jobs, we see that small farmers can market their produce, obtaining food without the use of agrochemicals and the possibility of recycling certain waste are also among the potential benefits of this urban agriculture, which even helps cities like NYC to address climate change.

  2. Antonio Tanzi

    Urban agriculture now a day is getting more popular by getting the finest ingredients possible such as fruits and vegetables. If we keep growing plants such as like compost food waste and using it to make soil it would help save money for the environment.

    The best possible way to make fish stay a live and be fresh as possible is to have a tank and keep the fish alive so that the flavors can taste different. we see a change in this so it is the best possible solution to come up with this idea to save money. It will help a lot of cities especially in NY.


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