Reading and Assignment for April 6th, 2016

  1. The focus of the urban sustainability index is to examine environmental sustainability in different cities. Its main goal is to measure the cities development by analyzing their commitment to sustainable practices, and developing sustainable urban populations.
  2. The three components of this index are efficiency in resources, environmental cleanliness, and basic needs. I believe each one of the components is achievable if we bring awareness to cities around the globe. Resource efficiency can be achieved by new technology. Conserving and recycling water and energy is essential for the quality of life of an individual. Basic needs such as access to clean and consumable water, as well as other fundamental priorities in urban areas is important for our health and well being. Environmental cleanliness takes effort from all of the citizens that inhabit the city. Bringing awareness by promotion and ads can also help this cause. A clean environment can decrease the amount of pollution in a city or area.

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