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  1. Alejandra Anchaluisa

    March 2nd, 2016
    Rooftop Farming

    Would not it be better to produce food in the cities, where most people live?
    The roofs of some buildings in industrial areas are ideal for the construction of greenhouses areas, as they could use the heat produced there.

    Buildings can offer even more to agriculture, such as fertilizers. The wastewater from the buildings contain nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium that can be used after being sanitized as fertilizer.

    Currently there are greenhouses on the roofs of buildings. Not all are located in industrial areas, but are easy to install in cities. These projects are linked with leisure activities. It concluded that urban agriculture is possible. It is located on flat surfaces projects of cities that could raise awareness.
    Hydroponics is growing plants in mineral solutions, allows the cultivation of vegetables on the roofs of buildings. In these crops, plants do not grow on earth but in containers, which are filled with granules, fibers or balls of clay. Water runs through the vessels touching the roots. An irrigation system sends water, which comes out of a tank, run by the roots and returns to the tank.

    Cultivate without wasting water or fertilizer. In this part of the process, the farmer can control the pH and calculate the nutrients reach the plants without wasting water or waste fertilizers. In traditional agricultural crops, farmers turn to fertilizers, as rainwater robs plants of nutrients. Farmers can increase up to 20 times earnings with the implementation of hydroponics. Another advantage of this culture system is that plants are free from soil. This is important since most do not support as much weight ceilings.


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