Genre Project Progress Report- Leslie Martinez

So far I’ve started to write pieces and examples about what I want my visual poetry to look like. I had completely changed my mind a few days ago about how exactly I wanted to plan out my genre project but the idea, I have in mind currently is going well. I still need to put most things together because there all scattered. Some major obstacle I’m encountering is the way I’m I want it to look. Representation is important. Sometimes it can be hard to be clear in poetry, in my opinion. So far I believe it’s going good just need to pull the video parts together and make more corrections to the poetry part. I feel within reading my point of view, will allow others to relate and maybe even help others and/or themselves.

1 thought on “Genre Project Progress Report- Leslie Martinez”

  1. Hi Leslie Ann:

    I was hoping to catch you after class.

    I am very confused. WHAT GENRE are you working in for Unit 3?

    From this HW, it seems that you are now deciding to do a Visual Poem? So why is your Mentor Text ANalysis HW not a visual poem? Instead you chose to analyze some other genre?

    And in your proposal, you have never made clear what genre you are choosing?

    Do you understand the Unit 3 Genre ASSIGNMENT? Are you clear? I think you are confused. AND it’s very confusing for me to guide you with all this inconsistency.

    Prof. Wu

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