Outline (Letter) β€” Richard G. Bordes

How Covid-19 Has Affected Work-Life For Better or Worse

Part I. Intro: Some background on the most noticeable effects of COVID on life/work

a. Society

b. Personal experience with work at this time

Part II. People focus on the physical

a. Provide details on what it means

Part III. The transformation of the very idea of work

a. How did our ideas transform? 

1. From what to what?

Part IV. Conclusion: Is the change a good or bad one? Is it just how things are now? My message is to convey the good and bad changes in working due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

1 thought on “Outline (Letter) β€” Richard G. Bordes”

  1. Good. I m looking forward to your letter.

    I am interested in the changing ways we work now. I actually like working at home now, even though I did not like the zoom aspect of teaching. But I have discovered the convenience of having more flexibility. But then, I miss work interactions with colleagues and students. Maybe a hybrid of few days on office and few days at home would be ideal.

    What do young people who are starting careers during the pandemic want. Maybe they have more choice now in work life style and balance. What do you want? Your peers? The whole idea of how we work has become upended after the pandemic. Intersting topic!

    Who will you write your letter to?

    And then what will be your purpose in writing?

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