Mentor Text Analysis — Richard G. Bordes

The text I analyzed was Professor Wu’s “We Need to Call Out Anti-Asian Racism For What It Is Racism, Period” letter. This letter hooks the audience by getting straight to the point of why she’s writing the letter. She does include research, but it’s towards the middle of her letter instead of directly after the intro. After her introduction, she uses storytelling by dedicating a few paragraphs to introducing background on herself and her topic of discussion, which is increased Anti-Asian Racism as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Visually, she includes three images, with each depicting an Asian woman with some type of imagery relating to the Covid Pandemic. The length of this text is about 2 pages with 10 paragraphs worth of info. The audience of this letter is the Organizers of the Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference since it is addressed to them at the beginning of the letter. This text ends with your standard letter ending (Sincerely, XXX). I believe the message of this letter is that there needs to be a crack-down on acts of anti-Asian racism and that the Asian community needs to be more involved in the general community to show that they aren’t the virus, but part of the solution. I’m not sure what I’ll emulate from this writing, but I will avoid adding pictures since it doesn’t feel right for me when I write a letter.

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  1. Wow, Richard, you did a good job on this! I like how you used Professor Wu’s example to write a mentor text analysis. I think you will do good on the letter you’ll be working on.

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