Project Proposal — Richard G. Bordes

My research question is: how has the Covid-19 changed working for better and for worse? The message I’d like to share with my audience is that the concept of working as a whole has been reshaped based on not only the physical availability of work. But also, the pandemic has reshaped how we as people approach the idea of work and how it should play out in our lives. My target audience would be all the unemployed American citizens who are in the process of looking for a career or side job. The genre I’m choosing to convey this is a letter since it’s the simplest option and I’m kinda feeling drained after this semester. As for how I plan on getting started, I’m gonna brainstorm a bit and also visit some of the tutors for advice.

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  1. I really like where you’re going with this research question. I completely agree so much has changed in the workforce and that includes how people view it. You are off to a great start. You can also talk about how the workforce isn’t the same in the way that jobs are way more draining than it was in the past and so many people are switching jobs.

  2. Yes Richard — Me Too! I can’t wait for this term to be over — but it’s not yet over!

    I think a letter would be a good option.

    WHo would your audience be? What would be your message? Your purpose? To inform job seekers or college grads of what is ahead and what work new options are open to them since the pandemic shook the work world up? Also to inform / share with readers about the changing attitudes toward working that have people have “woken” to since the pandemic. With this new knwledge young work candidates can ask for more or realize that they have more power in the job market than they thought they did before the pandemic changed the way people think about work. There are Lots of good points to make about your topic.

    1. THink about making an outline of points. Just like we did for the RBG op-ed, you should have an outline to plan your parts of the letter.

    2. ALso look at my Mentor Text Letter written by me in t he Unit 3 Genre Assignment and by MLK Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

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