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My research question is how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way people shop? I want to teach my audience that this change affected people all over and in different ways. Not only was the change strictly to the act of shopping, but it also changed the way people now think about the products they buy and the money they spend. The audience I’m trying to reach is those who have an interest in shopping. Whether it be a physical change or a mental change. The genres I’m considering to choose are between a survey and an interview. I chose these possible genres because it would be interesting to personally see/hear the shopping changes others experienced due to the pandemic. The survey can work for my project because it would be possible to reach out to a wider range of people with the same questions I would ask in the interview. The interview could also work because it would be possible to go more into depth with each individuals experience. I intend to start by creating possible questions to include in either the survey or interview. If I choose the survey, I’m worried I won’t get enough people to complete it. If I choose the interview, I’m worried I won’t make it interesting.

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  1. This sounds very interesting! Your proposal is very thoughtful and I agree the difference between survey and interview is quantity vs quality. Good observation.

    1. I found some links on how to make survey presentations. Please also look at CANVA program on our class site’s Genre Project Resources new page. Students have said that Canva is easy to use.

    2. You might need to write a summary to accompany your survey.

    3. uggestion to look again at your RAB research and come up with insightful questions based on your research. Maybe you could create some targetted questions that allow space for participants to write a few sentences as an answer. That way you can get some deeper insight in to individual answers. Then you can cherry pick the interesting ones to display in your presentation.

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