RAB Conclusion — Jaqueline

Throughout my research, I’ve found many ways that the corona virus has affected the way people shop. I found much more than what I had originally planned, I now know more about my research question but also about the shopping industry as a whole. I was able to learn how shopping methods changing impacted different industries, people both physically and mentally/emotionally, and the future of business-consumer relations. I think there is definitely more to investigate but this has made me realize that people shopping in a different manner has a domino effect. I would say that those who want to know how shopping has changed, and those who want to become better consumers will benefit from my research. They would benefit from this information because I have gathered sources and information that truly make you think about yourself as a consumer and the impact you have with every purchase you make. You start making observations about your day to day shopping, what products you actually use and the ones you don’t. You start questioning if your purchases are worth going outside for, or if they’re worth spending money on. You also start wondering how you can change the shopping you do, and what else that would change in your life.

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