RAB Source Entry #2 — Rehana Parvin

Part 1 MLA Citation

Emma Goldberg. “Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I felt like I was suffocating’ The New York Times, Published Nov. 12, 2020, Updated Oct. 5, 2021 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/12/health/covid-teenagers-mental-health.html

Part 2 Summary

“Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I felt like I was suffocating’ by Emma Goldberg and was published in the New York Times on November 12, 2020. This article was published in New York City and the people that were being interviewed were also in New York City. Reporter conducted teens during the lockdown. In the article, Goldberg describes that students are feeling depressed and having anxiety during the 2020 lockdown. The author points out the difference between students learning in front of the computer and learning in person. Students think it’s impossible to do online classes because to them it’s somewhat sad and lonely because teens are not around their friends. Goldberg also mentions that the isolation has affected young adults who struggle with chronic anxiety and depression. Students mention how their parents lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 


I can relate so much to this article because I’ve been getting anxiety and major depression during the pandemic. The only thing about the pandemic was not being able to go to school in person. But I agree that students shouldn’t be isolated a lot and they need to get proper teaching. I think this article is trying to tell us that the pandemic can change people’s mental health. I love the part in the last article where Aya says that she is rebuilding healthy habits, spending time with her friends outside, and getting enough sleep so that she could feel energized at school. I think getting enough sleep is very important, not only does it make you feel energized and good for your brain but it can reduce stress and lower your risk for serious health problems. I notice that the article, which talks about the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has heard of students getting anxiety and depression from the pandemic and doing everything they can to help. I was wondering if kids were meeting up with counselors in the pandemic because of their mental health. I was also wondering if some kids dropped out of school. This article tells me that the pandemic has hit us hard and out of nowhere.

Part 4: Rhetorical / Genre Analysis

Emma Goldberg, the author of this article, is to show people that the pandemic can cause trauma. Her purpose is to tell us that remote learning, lockdown, and the pandemic has increased people’s anxiety and depression. Goldberg brings up the social isolation of the pandemic that has taken a toll on the mental health of many Americans. But the pandemic has been severe on teenagers. Goldberg feels and explains that students have felt some relief when school finally opened but the rules and social distancing are stressful. In the article, the student’s goal is to maintain a happy environment through the pandemic. Goldberg wrote this article because it’s for us to remember that the best life lesson in the pandemic is learned during hard times and when we make mistakes.

Part 5: Notable Quotables

“Remote learning, lockdowns, and pandemic uncertainty have increased anxiety and depression among adolescents and heightened
concerns about their mental health.”

3 thoughts on “RAB Source Entry #2 — Rehana Parvin”

  1. Rehana:

    Part 4 Rhetorical Analysis: First — Is this your own writing? Second — this is more of a summary than rhetorical analysis. Where is the genre analysis? Where is the rhetorical analysis.

    Part 2 SUmmary — needs to be a better Summary. Review How TO Write a Summary.

    Part 1 Citation — good.

    Go Back and study the Assignment and the worksheet on Rhetorical Analysis and worksheet on How to Write Summary.

    Work with the TUtors.

  2. Rehana:

    I see you have improved this source entry, but can you work a bit more?

    Did you read and annotate the article? It’s a long article and there is a lot of information. FOr the Summary, can you find the most important Main Ideas? You need about 4 specific main points to put in your summary. YOu can use key words like “The first main idea is ____….The second main idea is ____ etc. That should help you. Also look at the How to Write a Summary worksheet in the Grammar WRiting Skill page.

    Also to help you find the MI, look at the title and subheading (the words that follow directly the title) — Why does the title say “I felt like I was suffocating?” THat should give you a clue on what the main idea is. USe the title to decide on the MI.

    Your Reflection part 3 looks good.

    Your Rhetorical Genre analaysis Part should say what genre this source is. NEWS ARTICLE! Please review the Rhetorical Analysis worksheet!

    For the Notable Quotables, you need a few more of the BEST MOST SIGNIFICANT points to quote.

    Work with the Tutors!

  3. Rehana: Where is your Op Ed piece that is supposed to be Source #2? In the assignment and in class I have pointed out that you need 3 different genres represented in your sources. Remember? Source 1 is a news article. Source 2 is an op-ed, Source 3 is an audio or a visual or some type of creative source.

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