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How the CV pandemic affected subway and bus transportation. I chose this as my research question because it is something that has changed the way I travel. I am someone who has taken the train and bus a lot whenever I can’t be driven by my father. The first thing I noticed changed was the amount of homeless people who started relying more on trains for shelter. It was already bad before the pandemic but it only pushed them to crowd the trains more than before. The pandemic was the first step MTA needed to start enforcing fare and mask procedures. This started MTA workers having to actually sanitize train carts and stations. On top of the trains being packed with homeless people, they weren’t given proper tools to protect themselves from getting covid, and made it hard for people who had to work even under the lockdown to travel. Buses weren’t as bad as train stations because for a while the bus driver side was covered off and there was even more limited space for passengers. Ever since the cases have dropped the plastic was taken off the buses and it continues to be packed. This means MTA transit could very much still be in high risk exposure. 

There is also a new way of paying for fares, besides using your phone linked to your card, it is through using the MTA OMNYY app. It is basically the same as using your phone to tap the new devices but it is linked to the MTA transit app to count how many times you’ve paid for fare and gives you 3 free days. I personally haven’t tried it but it sounds like a good deal, unless they decide to raise the fare to $6 which is a rumor I heard from Instagram(could be actual bs).  Buses weren’t as bad as train stations because for a while the bus driver side was covered off and there was even more limited space for passengers. I have seen both ways of transportation change before my eyes and it is already going back to being packed with people who don’t care for the other people who are trying to travel as well. Now that I’ve written my experience and knowledge about the MTA already, I want to learn more to show everyone who travels through MTA the changes. 

Adherence to social distancing and wearing of masks within public transportation during the COVID 19 pandemic – ScienceDirect (cuny.edu)

3 thoughts on “RAB Proposal – Abel Tricoche”

  1. Abel: THIS IS GOOD!

    I like how you describe why you personally are interested in this topic and your explanation of all the changes you personally have observed in subway and bus since the pandemic. In your second paragraph, I like your observation of new ways to pay on transit. Paying by credit card and other of these card payments may pave the way for the future. It’s contactless, safe, and efficient.
    I like how you noticed that on the bus during the pandemic, there was plastic keeping the driver safe. Many bus drivers caught covid and many died. Bus drivers are essential workers and their lives were in danger as they kept our cities and commuters going places.

    Good job Abel! I am interested to see what you find out in your research question.

    Here are a few sources I found on your topic: REMEMBER you need to find NYT sources.


  2. This is the best RAB proposal you’ve written! and I totally agree with you when you said that transportation has been getting more crowded ever since the pandemic arrive and I do feel like people are not getting proper safety precautions while taking bus or trains.

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