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Ind. Vocab.

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Ind. Vocab Project



A lot of things might come to mind when you hear the word professionalism. In my case, the word professionalism relates to the food industry world. In the food industry professionalism is a big deal, it stretches from the waiters service to how the food is actually prepared and served. Having a positive outlook matters to how this whole idea of professionalism comes together.


“Food Service Vocabulary”  in Thought Co. by Kenneth Beare


      The image above shows professionalism in the way the food looks and is being handled. Also the person holding it has proper attire which also has to do with looking professional. The word professionalism is not always on appearance but on having the right attitude as well. In other words you won’t make sales having an uptight or grouchy attitude, being in a good mood even if it doesn’t reflect how you are really feeling is key to professionalism. Another key fact to professionalism is knowing what you are doing with your money and what kind of ingredients you are buying. In the reading it talks about markets and how they all basically began the local food trend. The reading relates to what markets provide and how people purchase their ingredients which is essential for professionalism. Knowing important facts that are in the article and in general about markets is professionalism. You know what you are buying and how much it will cost you so you are incorporating the information you know to real world. It talks about how markets were used as a source for trading which can e very essential if you need an ingredient but someone else has it and vice versa. It basically says if you know how to manage your food you will know how to manage your income. Asking yourself educated questions on your produce is a major key to success as well. Professionalism isn’t something you’re born with, it is something that you learn throughout life and is essential in the food industry. If you are going into or are already in the Hospitality Management industry then professionalism is very important because it is worked within the food industry. The food industry is very competitive if you don’t have professionalism then it’s going to be very hard for you to get through it. Overall Professionalism is important in any industry and should be taught regardless. I try to be as professional in my everyday life, for example in school and at work. It is something we should all develop.


Greenmarket Blog

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Extra Credit Blog

                                                Union Square Greenmarket

     I have been to this Green Market so many times. I have gone mostly on Saturdays when It has been super busy and full of noise. Although each and every time I go I find a new experience, I’ve never actually gone from stand to stand seeing what they offer. I would usually just pass by, buy a croissant and continue my shopping for clothes. Going on this trip I discovered the different type of apples (other ingredients as well that I did not try) that it offered and they were delicious! What caught my attention was the black chicken, yes black chicken. I have never heard let alone seen a black chicken but it sure does exist. A lot of restaurants might want to shop here because a lot of the ingredients sold are very fresh and appealing to the eye and that could boost up sales and taste of the food. There are some challenges to having one or more of a greenmarket ingredient on the menu, one challenge being that you have to deliver what you promote. In other words if you say you make home fries  using the Purple Peruvian Potato then they have to be made of that potato or else its false advertising. Also the food has to taste exactly the same, not only look so if you try to be slick and use another kind of ingredient similar to the one you use, there’s a chance the taste might not be the same. A way to communicate to the customer about the item you are using is putting it on a special or giving free samples. Having people taste a bit of what they might get is so much better than having an angry customer who bought a whole course and ends up not liking it. Greenmarket ingredients have changed the way I look at other ingredients, overall this trip was very educational and I enjoyed it very much.

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Food Hall Blog

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Food Hall Blog

                                                 The Bowery Market

          A few weeks ago I went on my journey to a food hall. Super confused I came upon this market which made the whole idea of a food hall come together and make more sense. I googled this and it seemed really “instagram worthy” as I call it and decided to stop by. I chose this market because I wanted to explore something closer to home. When I got to this place it was around 12:30 pm, it was slightly busy. The first food stand I saw was of Mexican cuisine, which I immediately went over to.  They offered very basic traditional food like carnitas tacos and some unusual ones like Beer Braised Chicken tacos and a grilled cheese torta. I decided to try their carnitas tacos even though I do not like to eat pork, and well I proved what I already knew; that I did not like it. I also tried their Strawberry peach agua fresca and was surprised that it actually was not so bad.

         The prices for the tacos were definitely more expensive than what a regular taco would cost you. It was $4 for a taco, in Brooklyn you can get one for as low as $1.25. Portion size was not bad but could be better, the food felt like it lacked something. There was also this Japanese sushi place right next door that tempted me but the prices were too high. It was like a buffet or a 3 course meal food stand. They offered a lot of dishes with raw fish that looked oddly satisfying. For 30 minutes you were charged $58 which I was not willing to spend. What I noticed was that the vendors were really clean about their food and were cautious when it came to preparing the orders.

        The type of customers I saw were Asian and a mix of hispanic and white people. They seemed to really enjoy the food but most ordered it to go than to stay. Overall it was a great experience and ended up trying some italian gelato as well. Prices were high but the quality was well worth it.