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                                                 The Bowery Market

          A few weeks ago I went on my journey to a food hall. Super confused I came upon this market which made the whole idea of a food hall come together and make more sense. I googled this and it seemed really “instagram worthy” as I call it and decided to stop by. I chose this market because I wanted to explore something closer to home. When I got to this place it was around 12:30 pm, it was slightly busy. The first food stand I saw was of Mexican cuisine, which I immediately went over to.  They offered very basic traditional food like carnitas tacos and some unusual ones like Beer Braised Chicken tacos and a grilled cheese torta. I decided to try their carnitas tacos even though I do not like to eat pork, and well I proved what I already knew; that I did not like it. I also tried their Strawberry peach agua fresca and was surprised that it actually was not so bad.

         The prices for the tacos were definitely more expensive than what a regular taco would cost you. It was $4 for a taco, in Brooklyn you can get one for as low as $1.25. Portion size was not bad but could be better, the food felt like it lacked something. There was also this Japanese sushi place right next door that tempted me but the prices were too high. It was like a buffet or a 3 course meal food stand. They offered a lot of dishes with raw fish that looked oddly satisfying. For 30 minutes you were charged $58 which I was not willing to spend. What I noticed was that the vendors were really clean about their food and were cautious when it came to preparing the orders.

        The type of customers I saw were Asian and a mix of hispanic and white people. They seemed to really enjoy the food but most ordered it to go than to stay. Overall it was a great experience and ended up trying some italian gelato as well. Prices were high but the quality was well worth it.  

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