Week 01-06 Building Components & Zoning Autocad
Using Flatshot for Zoning Sheets Autocad
Week 07-10 Development of Building Revit
 Day.12 Day01 Revit Intro & Scavenger Hunt Revit
 Day.13 Revit OasisNYC.net Sequential
ProjectLocation Sequential
ProjectNorth Sequential
Revit – Property Lines Sequential
 Day.14 Grid Layout Sequential
 Day.15 Adding Levels Sequential
 Day.16 Adding Foundation.1 Sequential
Adding Foundation.2 Sequential
Day.17 Adding Floor Slabs Sequential
Day.18 Simple Masonry Walls Sequential
Compound Masonry Walls Sequential
Day.18 Adding Windows Sequential
Day.19 Steel Structural Columns & Roof Trusses Sequential
Day.20 Adding Roofs to the GYM Sequential
Editing Roof Trusses Sequential
Day.21 Sheet Layouts #1 – & Duplicating Views Sequential
Sheet Layouts #2 – the first mockup set Sequential
CD Set Submission List Sequential
Day.22-24 Develop Sheet Layouts and Views
Day.25 Structural-Sizing & Dwgs Sequential
Developing the Atrium Sequential
Atrium & Curtain Wall Sequential
Day.26 Adding Atrium and Core Stairs Sequential
Day.27-28 Developing the Laboratory Building Sequential
Layout 1 – Walls Sequential
Layout 2 – Walls & Doors Sequential
Door Tags and Schedules Sequential
Development of Modular Labs Sequential
Column Enclosures Sequential
Replicating the typical-floor Sequential
Day.29-30 Developing Laboratory Details Sequential
Casework 1 – Typical Laboratoy Sequential
Casework 2 – Middle labs & classrooms Sequential
Reflected Ceiling Plans Sequential
┬áFinal Submission Final Drawing Submission List – Updated

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