Reflection On Annotated Bibliography

My annotated bibliography was based on Stephen King Horror Films. I learned a lot of things from writing this annotated bibliography. What I first learned was that all of the sources started by giving the reader a summary of the plot of the movie then they go in depth on the ending of the movie. They talk about why that was the ending and why it’s so significant/important to the overall film. They all also talk about what the films overall message/idea is and they try to think about what lead King to think of such a message and still be able to convert it into such an amazing horror film. What I learned from writing this annotated bibliography is that all of Stephen Kings novels and films end up being a New York Times bestseller. I also learned that all Stephen King’s books are all connected. Many of his books share locations and characters across parallel universes. Which only means that the movies are also all connected because they’re based off of the novels. From the topic of my annotated bibliography I would like to learn how Stephen King comes up with the ideas of his novels. I know that for ‘The Shining’, it was inspired by The Stanley Hotel and a dream that he had while staying at The Stanley Hotel in room 237. So it would be interesting to learn if all his novels and films are based on dreams and personal experiences or how else does he come up with such amazing novels. Some strengths that I learned I have was that when an interesting topic/question comes up and I have to do classwork or homework for it, my mind quickly thinks about what it wants me to write down on paper. Sometimes I just keep writing and writing, even if they’re imperfect sentences, because I don’t wan’t to loose my train of thought. I understand what I wrote or what I was trying to write so I go back and fix my sentences so they’re grammatically correct and proper to read and understand incase the teacher wants us to share what we have written down with other students in the same class or if it’s so we can hand it in on open lab as homework. For example, for this reflection homework it was easy for me to do because it’s just me reflecting on work I’ve done and my skills in writing. I don’t need to look something up on the internet for it to help me with my homework because this homework is based off of knowledge not a passage I had to read and try to understand. Some challenges I had was that I’m not the best at rewriting someone else’s work in my own words for my homework so sometimes it takes me a while to do my homework. For example when writing about a short story we read in class, I don’t want to copy down exactly what the reader wrote because sometimes the writers explains what he is trying to communicate which might also be what I’m supposed to do for my homework so it’s hard for me to not want to write exactly what she wrote so I try my best to say what she wrote but in my own words as if I’m the reader and I myself am trying to explain what I was trying to communicate to the reader. What I would like to evolve is how much I write and if my grammar and punctuation are correct when I’m using them.

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