When writing a speech 0n women empowerment, feminism you want your words to touch your audience. So must of the time speakers use personal experiences they went through to touch the audience emotionally which is by the way one thing 4 of my sources share in common they uses the pronoun t “I” as to show support to each other, to show to their audience which is women around the world that they can overcome every situation empower them and show them they are worthy. speakers in woman empowerment use a serious tone because they know what they are talking about they use honest words to their audience. when reading through my resources and making a comparison I realized that throughout the years the way the speeches are given have changed a lot. In the fifties or even the nineties must speeches were given during events or conferences but now empowering women are peoples daily jobs on YouTube. Let’s take for example the speakers Jon JOGERSON which is the speaker of one of my sources “a message to all women” the way he empowers is different from my other sources because he doesn’t use “I” or any personal experience he just uses words unique beautiful words when he gives his speeches to show to women around the world what they worth. That’s basically his job .What i want to say by this is that before women empowerment was not that developed women voices were not that considered so why empower them ?they are less than men anyway .But now that idea have completely changed there are actually men around the world creating YouTube channels making videos, doing stand -ups to give speeches in feminism which is a great change in history.

When doing this assignment I realized that I have more words and I enjoy more writing when I am writing on something that I am really interested in. I found out that I have a great imagination which is my strength as a writer I will say, I have the thoughts in mind I know what I want to talk about but its difficult to put my thoughts into words. And I realized that when we were doing the peer reviews in class, must of the time my peer doesn’t exactly get my idea so i have to restart that paragraph all over again for them to understand what I am saying. That might be caused by the lack of vocabulary. To change that I need to read more in order to open my mind learn some new things or some new words that I can eventually use when i am writing. I believe that reading more which is something I enjoy when what I am reading is interesting will help me in punctuation because that’s also an important part of writing and it will just help me to be a better writer. I will consider myself a good writer when I will be able to express my thoughts in words without difficulties.

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  1. I learned that we have a bigger imagination when we write about something we’re interested in. Also, this is important when it come to write because as a person that doesn’t like to write very much I can say that I will write more and more confortable about something that I care about it.

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