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Rolling stone My Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy


According to Rolling Stones the Album “My Dark Beautiful Fantasy” by Kanye West is one of the most influential albums ever. The writer Rob Shieffielld claims that no other artist could have made this album. This album is coasting on heroic levels of dementia, pimping on top of Mount Olympus they say. Many of the audience would come to agree with this album review because of the overall great reviews this album has gotten. The writer says this album is a mixture of multiple genres of music from hip hop to RNB. The author says he broke the rules of making of a hip hop album. As he combines many elements of music together. Overall from all these statements the author tries to prove that this is Kanye’s best album yet.


Sheffield,Rob.My Dark Beautiful twisted fantasy.The rolling stone

November 25,2010 5:45 AM ET


Pitchfork The Life of Pablo 


According to pitchfork the album “The life of pablo” is unique to Kanye West’s other projects. It has freewheeling energy that is infectious to the discography. The album had a chaotic rollout which was likely. The writer Jayson Greene compares Pablo Picasso and Kanye wests and claims that they have many similarities. The album supposedly doesn’t have many major statements like his earlier projects. Instead of worrying about a theme Kanye wanted the concept of the album to be top notch the writer Greene claims. Many of the audience that have listened to this album would say it is very diverse and well put together. Overall Pitchfork would say that the album The Life of Pablo was diverse and very creative.


Greene,Jayson,The Life of Pablo. Pitch Fork

February 16, 2016


Genius Graduation


According to Genius the album “Graduation by Kanye West” is near perfect as they gave the album a 95/100 rating. The writer Sweatman claims that this album has a lot of popularised electronic sounds. The writer has many different feelings about different songs. He thinks that the song “stronger” is the biggest hit and many of the audience would tend to agree with him. He also brings up that Kanye crushed 50 cent. He crushed 50 cent in album sales and basically made 50 cent retire. Many of the styles in this album is very different. They are different from his earlier albums like “Late Registration”. Overall This album is one of the greatest rap and hip hop albums of all time from genius’s aspect. 


Sweatman,Graduation. Genius

Posted 3 years ago


Billboard Yeezus


According to billboard “Yeezus” is a medley of several genres — new wave, punk, rock, and of course hip-hop. The writer billboard says the album has many vintage soul sounds and is very different from what the audience expected. The author says part of the album is about love. Majority of the album is mostly directed to the naysayers as he is angry while making the music. The author also claims that kanye pronounced himself as the Michael Jordan of hip hop. Songs are different but have many of the same production like “hold my liquor” and “new slaves”. The roll out of the album was very unorthodox. Overall this album was just different according to Billboard.


Billboard,Yeezus. Billboard

June 14, 2013


Variety Jesus is King


According to Variety, The album “Jesus is King” continues flashes of inspiration and is divine. The writer “Andrew Barker” says this album was heavily delayed and the fans were complaining. The album thoroughly is not very good the writer says. The only way you would enjoy the album is if you have a relationship with kanye.  This album has no cuss words and is gospel. Kanye used creating this album to connect with god the writer claims. This album was very highly anticipated and he uses a lot of bible verses while rapping. Overall according to the variety of this album is not very good and is one of the weakest projects kanye has dropped.


Barker, Andrew, Jesus is King. The Variety

October 26,2019 6:03 AM PT


Rolling Stones College Drop out


According to the rolling stones Kanye West made his name off of this album. Many of the audience would tend to agree because it is his debut album. According to the writer “Jon Caramanica” he says that this album has a lot of pop,soul, and gospel to it. With hit songs like “All Falls Down” this album is considered a classic. There were a lot of A listed artist that helped Kanye. Some of the artists that were guests were Jay Z. This Album showed the skill that Kanye had in Music. From production to be mixing drums according to Caramanica. Overall this album is great and is the reason why Kanye is where he is today.


Caramanica,Jon, The College Dropout. Rolling Stones]

March 4,2004 5:00 AM ET

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