Ángel D. Torres Speeches

Martin Luther king Jr
”I have a dream” speech

The speech Martin Luther king Jr gave to the people in Washington was to make them see that people are still treated the same as that was a long time ago. The speech he made was to end racism and segregation in the nation and for people to be united, no matter the race or culture. In his speech he repeats the words ,” I have a dream”. This means that he had a dream that the nation could and should be better and get rid of all the racism.


Abraham Lincoln
Gettysburg address

The speech Lincoln made was to stop the civil war and to be heard that the civil war can end the nation. Also that the civil war can be the end of the nation. The speech he made was to also express himself how the nation has become from having freedom into civil wars. Also spoke for some people who also thought that war was wrong and trying to avoid the civil war. One of his quotes from his speeches was “We shall either nobly save, or meanly lose, the last great hope of mankind.” This explains that Lincoln’s idea is that the nation should avoid all threats that can destroy the nation and live in peace as one. Lincoln also stated that the speech was a test whether the nation will survive in the future or the nation gets destroyed.


Barack Obama
2008 presidential election victory

The former president Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election in November 4, by most votes and he had the most of popular votes. Barack Obama worked really head to earn his place at one of the most important thing to do in the country. He changed a lot of people view of America and for younger people. It was a very important moment in American history because Obama became the first black president and changed the world and changed how people can reach their own dreams and goals. He talked about how he can change the country to make it better for everyone. One quote from his speech is “ If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy , tonight is your answer.”This quote was to tell people that he can change the country just how people want to to be and the unified all hope and dreams together to come true.

Queen Elizabeth
Golden speech

The golden speech was a letter delivered by Queen Elizabeth to stop the increase of prices in the country due to the economic issues they have with the country. The speech was to fix and make people earn more money and balance the money the country had. The speech was delivered to the Palace Council Chamber, to the 141 Members of the Commons on November 30, 1601.


Franklin D. Roosevelt
Infamy speech

The infamy speech was to have the US congress come to an agreement to accept the declaration of war against the Japanese forces. The declaration was good and bad at the same time because World War 2 was happening. The meeting was one day after the attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 8, 1941. The speech was a form of saying that the US should accept the declaration of war from the Japanese forces and attack japan as well. The speech was  motivational because Japan attack without declaring war on the U.S and did an surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor bay in Hawaii. 


Joseph goebbels
Total war speech

The total war or sportpalast was a speech delivered by Joseph and it was for a special purpose. The speech was delivered on February 18, 1943. The speech was to turn nazi Germany allies against them in Europe. The speech made many countries turn the tide of World War II and made them turn against Nazi Germany and its Axis allies. Also explaining why the nazi should be eliminated because they were a huge threat in WW 2 and for near by countries as well.


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