There was a time around 2nd grade when I was a small kid and I vaguely remember having a writing assignment that my class had for spring break. It was to write a small book or story about anything that you want. It could be on what you did over the break, what is your favorite food, book, movie, etc. Before given this assignment, I went downtown to visit the transit museum with my aunt because I really had an interest for trains. Everyday when going to elementary school, middle school, my first year of high school and even college, I would always ride the train. Not just going to school though, pretty much anywhere else going downtown or uptown. By myself or with my family. Although, I did lose my interest in trains a while ago because of video games and learning that working at the MTA doesn’t make you that money, it just sort of drifted off. It’s still something I hold close to me. I went down to the transit museum during one weekend and had a look around of how the trains worked and even saw some old model trains from when the system first began. There was also one part for the buses but that wasn’t what I was into. A little while after leaving, I started working on the book about trains and what I learned about them. At this point, I don’t recall what I wrote on it and I’m not sure if I even have the book on me anymore due to the amount of spring cleaning from then to now. All I know is that upon giving the book, the 2nd grade teachers were excited and loved the book. I did like writing sometimes when I was younger and I still do now to a degree, especially in high school when I wrote plays for playwriting class. In high school, I had playwriting for about 2 years. It was getting a little repetitive around the 2nd year, but I sucked it up and went along with it. In playwriting, we had free reign to write plays about anything we want, with the expectation that there isn’t too much cursing in them. My teacher didn’t really like cursing being overused, however using 1 or 2 is fine. During my time in that class, I had wrote about 4 plays and even had some of them performed by other classmates. Sadly, it never really made it to be a fully acted play as other plays were favored because of friends, but I still enjoyed making them. I took my time with them making sure if made sense, no grammar errors, soft flowing, everything. The longest play I made was around 22 pages. I still have thankfully due to them being on the internet, so if I need any inspirations, I’ll just look at my old plays. I did learn over the years that  I can write anything I want whenever I want. Even if it makes no sense or questionable, it’s me writing it, not anyone else. Playwriting really opened that up for me as I enjoyed writing plays. Hopefully, I can learn a lot more about structure in this class.

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