A Loud Roar

Being forced into having a tutor and being forced in a English as a second language class shaped my experiences with reading and writing throughout my life. This gave me my laid back lazy personality I have today. Being forced into doing something i don’t want to do or don’t need, made me hate reading books or doing work that I am not interested in. This made me hate school do to the fact that i knew i was going to be forced to do things I did not want to do. This isn’t the case all the time because there are some things  that I in fact due find interesting about reading and writing or school in general but for the most part my past experiences overall made me dislike reading and writing. Despite disliking reading and writing, I find it to be essential and it is something you must learn to do. Without those skills there is no way you can make it far in life. By saying this i do believe however the American education system can be changed in a way. For example the American education system should give the students and the teachers the option to learn and teach anything they find to be interesting. Schools and teachers shouldn’t have to follow a certain curriculum to teach students. Teachers should be allowed to teach what they find interesting to intrigue the students and catch their attention. I vividly remember my ESL class however I do remember that I found it boring, This made me realize in order to enjoy reading or writing, you have to write about something you enjoy, something you find intriguing. My experience has also made me understand the purpose of reading and writing. The reason i was in esl in the first place was because my parents thought I was mute not because I couldn’t understand the language, in my head I was saying to myself, “ Why am I in this class when i understand the english language well?” however that is the point, It is to get you to understand anything it is you need help on. For example, what do you do when you have an upcoming quiz or exam? You study, studying is a form of reading and writing notes, This help you gets a better understanding of the material you must learn. It is essential in everyday life to know how to read and write. In a way im glad I got to experience that esl class because it made me realize just how important it is to be able to read and write. My personal experience also helped me to realize if you don’t open your mind to different things out of your comfort zone, there is  no way you will be able to learn. For example, you won’t find a lot of things being taught to you interesting, Like me i hate learning about history and I find most of it to be boring but it is important to open your mind and see it from a different point of view to try to understand it better. If you look at everything with tunnel vision there is no way you’ll be able to learn anything.


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