“Motivation” that’s the word that has been in my vocabulary the most these past two years. It did not just happen like that, there is a whole background story. It all started 2 years ago when I was faced with a huge challenge taking an exam in a totally foreign language for me (English writing).When taking  that exam I knew that I did not put my maximum aptitude in studying to pass it because in my mind I would fail anyway.So after getting back my results a totally different feeling got to me, I was angry at myself. Not one ounce of pride was present in myself  because I knew I could do better at that exam. That’s when  the story about motivation began .That exam helped me to know where my weakest areas were is it more about vocabulary or grammar in my case it was all. So I started taking action to work on that .I started extra hour in school “youtube classes” and some reading. I knew that all that would pay off one day so I set my mind to work. I was motivated to study and pass any other exam that  I would have to take which  I knew in order to pass I had to understand English and know how to put my thoughts into words . Throughout the year I was seeing some results from my hard work and  motivation .Now I was less shy when speaking up in class unlike in the beginning when i was ashamed of my accent or how I sound. I felt like people did not understand what I was saying and it was frustrating .That experience made me believe in one thing which is” With motivation, everything is possible “because in less than month I was not the girl who was ashamed of her accent but the girl who talks in front of 10 20 or 30 girls to empower them in clubs. I wasn’t the girl who’s not confident when taking exam, I was the girl people would come to study with ask question whether it’s in English or another subject.  I was the girl who passed all her exams  with honors the girl who joined clubs and interacted with important people in our society . A lot of things changed in less than one year but most of all I felt I had grown . All of this happened because because of the motivation I had and still continue to have.If that experience has taught me something it’s that education is what you make  of it . What I mean by that is, even if you go to the best school or have the best instructors in the world if you are not willing to or do not have motivation to study learn or educate yourself it will not work and as an example for that we can take my experience with the English exam . I am not saying my teacher was the best in the world, but he was good .The problem was with me not having the motivation to study because to me failing was a certainty . For me, motivation is  one the keys to achieve any goal in life.

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