Personal Experience Essay

Angel Torres

Back then in 2006, I was a small kid in elementary school with big dreams of my future. I had good times with my friends and teachers thought out my 5 years of elementary school. My family guided me into having good times with friends and teachers. I spend great times in that school every time I past by, memories come and happiness, joy and surprises come to my head. Specially one teacher that I had and changed my life was back in her class when I started to learn and fill my little brain with knowledge. She was inspiring because she helped me a lot in school but learning the english language. I would stay after school to practice with her and do homework and class notes to get  better at reading and writing english. She was hispanic and learned english kind of the same way I did which is why she was committed to teach me, along with other students having trouble with english. Now she has a career and helps out many students in schools as a teacher for a bright future. In my last elementary school day, she told me this, “ I was in your shoes when I was younger, if I can do it, you can too”. She say those final words to me because she saw something me me that can change  my life and that of others. I was really sad that I had to continue my journey without her, she taught me the language required for my future. Thanks to her, I now know the language and mastered parts of it and I have the motivation and pride to continue my journey to my dreams and goals to help my family and prepare myself for life.

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