Chapter 7: “We’re Getting Somewhere”

So this was something of a success story. Now that not only seen the old emails between the former graphic design intern and the CEO, but the former graphic design intern also sent more information like her design process when making the designs she submitted. I decided to make one model. (I know, not the best thing to do as a designer, and the not the best thing to do seeing as how she’s rejected almost all of the options that I sent before, but I was that sure that she was going to like it.) So I got to work on the last design for the personal website. For this one, I was in constant communication with the chief of staff. Making sure that every photo that I used I would submit to the folder because she was coding everything to make for the CEO so that she could see for herself. I sent her fonts so that way she could put them in the CSS. Once everything was complete, it was just a matter of making minor edits like having the make change the sizes of specific photos so that way it could fit for the site. Then when everything was indeed complete. The day came, Judgment day. Everyone logged on the video meeting: the CEO, the chief of staff, and myself. The meeting began with going through things for the main site like merchandise and fixing minor things and also talking about objectives that I have to do like giveaway designs. It was then time to talk about the moment we’ve been waiting for — the Personal website. My palms were sweating. My heart was beating because the chance of her disliking the design was very high. The chief of staff sent the CEO a link to the website. The CEO was scrolling down the site, and for the first time, I saw her smile. My eyes widened because I never saw her do that and a small surge of excitement hit me in the gut. After she was done going through the website, she said that she liked it, but minor things had to be changed. I could not believe it; she loved it. I was so excited; I’m most likely never going to make one design for anyone ever again because that was a considerable risk. She mentioned that the changes she wanted were the colors. She wanted everything mainly black and white, and she wanted options to look at. I was overjoyed because I now knew that I was getting somewhere.