Reflection 7 and 8

During the last class we looked at and discussed colors and what mood do they bring towards people and their associations with different businesses. For example, one thing I learned is that the color orange is associated with yoga centers. It certainly makes sense because the color orange symbolizes energy and youthfulness. We then looked at many examples of advertisements using one or more examples of 7 layers of depth of meaning in visual communication. Our assignment was to create a presentation that showed three out of the seven of these layers of visual communication. One advertisement that will always be on the mind is one AXE commercial that was different from the ads that they have done in the past because Axe was associated with making advertisements showing that men had to look a certain way to get women, but one ad that they made is an ad that showed that you don’t need to have a particular body to look good you just have to use what you already have. That could be your nose, our brains, your hat, and so on. It’s ad that put for the “Identification” slide.
Now for the William Paterson project. It was an easy project but what made it easier is the group mates. There were no issues whatsoever. They only complication there was is trying to get the video to play but that was later fixed. The communication as great, whoever needed help, someone step in and try to assist you. The teammates who created the design of presentation made it looked like as though William Paterson himself designed it.
Writing the speech was the easy part, the hard part was making the speech ten minutes or lower os that way it does not take up too much time. Luckily on the day of presenting, we had extra time to look things over, review, and practice. At the time I was still doubtful about it because I was worried about any minor mistakes that we had to fix we just didn’t see them. On the day of presenting, I was incredibly nervous, my palms were getting sweaty, and I was breathing heavier than normal. After first two presentations who had incredible designs and made their presentations look like the designers, they had to research. It was our turn. As soon as Kelsi and I got on stage everybody looked at us and we followed a plan, and as soon as I was giving the speech I hardly had to look at the index cards that had written everything down in. I memorized it. And looking at the audience everybody seemed in impress and this made my nervousness lower at the point where it didn’t exist anymore. I was comfortable and I had nothing to worry about. Our presentation had no issues whatsoever, and that was great to hear because I was prepared to see what mistakes we had to fix, but there were no mistakes whatsoever.
I would also like to thank my teammates because I have to say, none of it would be possible without them and this is the first time where I actually liked working in a group and not having to do almost all of the work. Honestly, if I could I would want to have these people as my teammates for almost any class because they are truly great, and the great news I later found out is that I will be working on the next project with them. Our next project has to do with different cultures and while our choices were limited due to some cultures were similar to others. The country we chose was the state of Israel. I think Israel is an interesting country because I think its history is quite interesting, how a small country is able to fight off the enemies that are surrounding it. Also, the martial arts that the Israeli defense forces use to fight. Krav maga, it’s listed as one of the deadliest martial arts in the world what I also like about the state of Israel is how progressive it is, it’s the only country in the middle east that allows same-sex marriage. So so far, I think this project might be a little difficult because we have to cut down information but I think e anything is going to be fine.