Chapter 1: “The Rookie”

My name is Jake Espinal and it was my first day as a graphic design intern at company New York Minute Magazine that I will be interning for the fall semester as well and while taking an internship class to fulfill the requirement for the Department Of Communication Design at New York City College Of Technology and I had to meet with other members of the design/tech team. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. What was I going to be tasked to do, what kind of questions was I going to be asked, I was jumping to conclusions. Once I logged on to the video call with the other members, my nervousness dropped. Everyone was laughing and having fun. I felt comfortable. Which made me calm about the internship. After talking to other members, the chief of staff logged on and gave everyone their assignment for the week. My task was to look at the magazine’s website and see what could be improved and to see what are the current design trends and see what could be implemented on the site based on the patterns. My assignment was surprisingly straightforward. This internship is not going to be so bad I thought to myself