About Me


My name is Jake Espinal. I’m a communication design major at New York City College of Technology. I’ve  had an interest in Illustration at a young age it was during my time in City Tech I started to develop an interest in graphic design while I much prefer the old fashioned way of  doing things like pencil and paper, learning new ways to create illustrations and  designs using programs such as Illustration, Indesign, and Photoshop which is also good.

I am inspired by a wide variety of artists, designers, musicians, and philosophers such as Aaron James Draplin, Chipp Kidd, Kanye West, Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, and many more  but throughout my years in City Tech one thing has always helped me is just observing the environment around me. When I’m walking around, taking public transportation, if I see something that catches my eye I would either writes notes or make thumbnails and see what happens from there.

When creating anything the best part for me personally is the  brain storming part because a wide variety of things come into my head  but if I’m going through a ‘block’ I enjoy that because that means I have to flex my creative muscles to find something even better than the last idea.

Feel free to look around my portfolio and enjoy!