Assignment 1

After the first day of class, I’ve learned a few things. First, when interacting with clients you can explain design principles if it helps you explain why you made certain design decisions for a project. Second, when showing your portfolio for an interview, make sure they see your best work first, and your second best work last. This is one of many things we discussed and learned on the first day of class. I think having these discussions are incredibly helpful because it allows us to learn from others who may have more experience in things we may or may have gone through.

Another thing we discussed is the importance of doodling, and how doodling helps with thinking, and how doodling should be accepted in schools because its schools that are often against the idea of doodling. Though I do agree that doodling help with thinking, there are many examples in my life where doodling has helped with many projects.

Aside from doodling, we were talking about the many art movements throughout the 19th and 20th century and how it not only influence graphic design, it influences many advertisements and companies. For example, companies like Apple are using the style “Swiss international” in their advertising to this very day.

Having these discussions are great because not only do you learn things that you may or may not have known but they can definitely make you start thinking about things that you have not taken into consideration. Someone asked the question; is it better to work as a freelance graphic designer, or to work for a design agency? This is a question that has been on my mind for quite a while mainly because I’m not opposed to doing both. Unfortunately, this question was not answered but when it comes up again, I’m sure the discussion will be very interesting.

Lastly, the reason why these discussions are important because they give students the opportunity to asked questions, and it’s something that students don’t get the opportunity to do because we have to focus on the project and/or assignment. Getting the opportunity to ask questions and to hear from others is great and it will assist us in being better graphic designers