Reflection #5

Today’s class was started out by students being asked about what were their thoughts on the networking events that they attended and some students said that the speakers were horrible, others were not given the opportunity to talk to one another, and after thinking about the event that I went to and after giving it some thought, the only issue that I had with the event is that it was really short, while the “networking” session was fair, it should’ve at least be a little longer instead of it being cut short.

While talking about the networking event, someone made a comment about their event and how it talked about the inequality between men and women and the professor made a comment saying somewhere along the lines, that women and men are not the same, and women don’t lean towards the lifestyle that men would lean towards, and vice versa, and while there are exceptions that break the rule, it is likely that it is minimal, and these differences should not be viewed as a bad thing as well.

The topic then changed to us talking about the difference between an advertising agency and a design firm. It was started by being presented an article that said that difference is that designers create value, while advertising agencies sell that value. After reading the article myself, and realize the sometimes carelessness of design is a problem and I think the solution to this, I think that entrepreneurs and advertising directors and etc. should have at least an understanding of graphic design principles because I think with that, there would be less strained dialogue between designers and clients and that way, when it comes to interacting with designers, they can make better critiques and I think that way, instead looking at design as a decorative thing, I think after learning about design, they would see it as something that is valuable to their business and it would also be good because when interacting with desingers, there is better communication and I think that when designers see that you have a small understanding of design they’ll more likely to make sure that the work is really good because they see that you took time to have an understanding of their carreer and see that you know about the importance of design in a business.
Another difference is that inside the anatomy of an advertising agency is that advertising agencies have public relations team to help see how the brand look towards the consumer. They also have “strategists” that help assist present the brand to the viewers, with these differences I could say that I’m still attracted to working at an advertising agency, because of the type of environment it is like and also the type of work that is done. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be opposed to working at a design firm, in fact, to have a full understanding I’d like to have a job there, so that way I could learn from my experience and pick up some things along the way from others because from one thing that I learned is that design firms have employees do different things depending on the project, and from learning from others, I could expand my “generalist” toolbox and discover things that I may not have known about.
After that we went through presentations of students talking about their graphic design journeys and after looking through some of these presentations, there is still so much I have to learn, while admittedly it is rather bothersome seeing someone else’s work that is clearly better, I think the earlier I make these discoveries, the better I get because now I know what specific things I have to learn such as motion graphics and web design. Another thing that is great about looking at these presentations is when looking at these presentations, you learn how to think about things differently, what I mean about this and that there was one student who created a logo for a sculpture park and using the shapes of sculptures to create the logo, it certainly got me thinking “Oh I would’ve never made a logo like that I’ll try to do something like for another project and that’s what great about things like that because that way you learn how to get better by learning from others. What’s also great is that when other people make mistakes, you learn earlier on not to make those mistakes so that way it’s not a problem for you and/or the client.